Linda Davis, Facilitator
A Leader, A Survivor, A Friend

A native born Texan, I joined Hospice Austin in fall of 1995. This was truly the first experience as a volunteer caring and assisting people who were terminally ill. The first year I was assigned nine different patients/families that needed help with their last phase of their life on earth.


On June 26,1996 my 28 year old, only son, who had suffered from Grand Mal Epilepsy for most of his life, committed suicide in my home. Due to his condition, he also suffered severe depression, constant sleep deprivation and neurological disorders.


A year after his death, I begin to research depression, mental illness and suicide. I enrolled in my second volunteer opportunity with MHMR as a hotline crisis counselor and became the assistant with the Survivors of Suicide grief group. Since helping people appeared to be the path of healing, in 2001 I took part in training with APD crisis team of which I am still an active volunteer. I was the facilitator for the Survivors of Suicide Grief Group, at Hospice Austin, but now have created a new group with the help of St. David's North Austin Medical Center. 

Austin Survivors of Suicide

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