What Happens At A Meeting
This is what happens when you come to a face to face meeting

When you arrive at a meeting you will be greeted by members, some old members and many new like you.  We all sit around a table and do an introduction.  We tell who we are, who we lost, how we lost them and when the death took place.  We usually talk about what is going on in our lives and how we are handling our grief.  Some are far along the road of healing and that gives the new people "HOPE" that someday there will be a good times again.  New members are allowed to tell their story if they want to and get the pain out. But if you choose not to speak that is ok as well. Sometimes there are tears but that is normal when you have lost someone you loved under any circumstances much less suicide.

There are really no rules but you will learn how to handle birthdays and holidays along with the anniversary of our loved ones death.  You will find love and comfort like none that can be given to you anywhere else because unless you know the pain of suicide you do not truly understand it.   The meetings are part of the circle of healing and we have found the earlier you start the healing journey the better it will be.  Please join us to learn to heal from the effects of suicide. 

Austin Survivors of Suicide

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