Is there Closure?




Suicide Survivors: There is no Closure After a Suicide

Suicide Survivors: There is no Closure After a Suicide

by Kevin Caruso

Suicide is extremely painful. And it is very difficult to move on after a suicide.

And looking for “closure” after a suicide is a natural thing to do.

But I would suggest that you not focus on closure, because it will never happen. The pain will always be there, and the challenges that the suicide has placed before you will never disappear.

And you will never find the answers to all of your questions about the suicide. Some questions in life simply have no answers.


Focus on living your life one day at a time. In the best way that you can.

Focus on healing.

Focus on CELEBRATING the life of your suicide angel.

Focus on getting help for you and your family.

Focus on HELPING OTHERS who are in pain.

Focus on loving others.

And remember that the intense pain that you are feeling represents the great LOVE that you have for your angel.

Is there Closure?

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